Saturday, January 28, 2012

Among the Hollies by Judith Bailey

I love to go hiking in Nags Head Woods. This painting is from a photograph taken there. Coming up the trail near these trees I always see a deer so I considered calling it "Deer Jump" but everyone would be looking for the deer, as I usually am through my camera viewfinder, only to find it has jumped into the gulley just beyond these holly trees. They are especially pretty in the spring in the bright sun and fresh greenery of the trees surrounding them. I gave this painting a circle effect with the branches -- the circle of life (Alternate title no. 3). This painting has a cherry americana frame and I used econospacers around the glass so there is no mat. I love this framing technique for pastels. It really gives a quality presentation. Soft pastel on Ampersand Aquabord, 8 x 10, $125, tax and shipping included in the price. For more information visit

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