Friday, June 24, 2011

Gloria J Zucaro's "Only 25 points!"

8.5"H x 9"W  Pastel on Sanded Paper Framed with glass   
Starting bid $100
This painting is up for auction on the Daily Paintworks site.  Go to "All Artists" and look for my name alphabetically.  You can also find it under the Balance Challenge category.

This is my second entry into the Balance Challenge.  I painted it in pastel because I thought it would be easier with all the detail,but it still took more time than I thought!  I learned to play Mahjong about 6 years ago.  I had bought a set on eBay because I loved the floral tiles.  The game had some blank tiles, so I ordered stickers for them to be the joker tiles.  I never learned to play until a friend bought into a retirement village in Florida,learned and came back in the Summer and taught a few of us how to play.

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